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Echoes in Time is a community beyond just the event. If you want to connect with others, or hear of our other updates, you can join our mailing list and like us on facebook:

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Other Gatherings:

Backtracks, LLC, the sponsor of the Winter Count, Rabbitstick, and Woodsmoke gatherings

Buckeye Gathering in California

Saskatoon Circle Primitive and Traditional Living Skills Gathering

The Pathways Gathering

Firefly Gathering, A skills gathering near Asheville, North Carolina

Bridges to the Past sponsors the Between the Rivers Gathering.

Instructor Websites:

Jeff Damm (“Roadkill”) hosts his collection of photos and videos from gatherings, hikes, and other projects

Woniya Thibeault has a new education program in Hood River- a six month live-in apprenticeship called SKILLS FOR REAL LIVING. The program stresses living off the grid, provision of food and shelter and basic goods of human life to lead an integrated life. It integrates organic gardening, permaculture, primitive skills and crafts, modern alternative and technologies. Visit her website at

Kiko Denzer’s publishing site,”. Kiko wrote:

If you’re interested in publishing your own book(s), I’d be interested in talking about working together — I publish books for “learning by doing” (contradictions, yes!)

Cat Farneman’s Herbal Remedies, at

Leland Gilsen shares his insights into the archaeology of Oregon at

John Kallas’s Wild Food Adventures

Chuck Kritzon offers unique modern rock and bone art at

Tom Prang and Julia Pinnix share their educational activities at

Matt Richards’s website,

Dawn Russel’s website with information on gardening, birds, and wildlife.

Estabon Fire Primitive Fired Pottery

Other Sites of Interest:

Primitive Ways, a collection of writings by Dick Baugh, Bob Gillis, Norm Kidder, Chuck Kritzon, and Dino Labiste, Thomas Elpel’s web portal, and his complete list of primitive skills gatherings

Maine Primitive Skills School

Larry Kinsella’s flintknapping site

Lost Valley Educational Center, an intentional community and center for simple living and sustainable education. – foraging and other adventures

More Sites We Like:

Cottonwood Institute – Environmental Education And Service-Learning Programs For Schools And Youth Groups Based In Denver, CO

Skin-on-frame Kayaks, Adventures and Primitive Skills

Boulder Outdoor Survival School

Cape Falcon Kayak

Ancient Arts Center: Ancient Arts and Technology

Earth Knack: Stone Age Living Skills

Paleotechnics: Arts & Technologies of Early Peoples

Voyages of Rediscovery: Educational Expeditions on the Columbia River

Chewelah Performing and Cultural Arts Center

Chewelah Farmers Market

Chewelah, Washington Chamber of Commerce