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Questions about registration? Call us at (503) 217-4469.

In-Person Echoes Details:

Registration cost covers your campsite, instruction, meals (Sunday dinner, Monday–Friday breakfast and dinner, Saturday breakfast), and campground services (such as sanitary services, firewood, and parking). Some classes have an additional materials fee. Space is limited, so please register early. Registering implies that you understand and accept our waiver, which you will be asked to sign digitally.

Echoes Tuition

We use sliding-scale pricing. We want to offer as many scholarships as possible, and also keep our prices comparable to similar gatherings across the country. We follow the Buckeye Gathering‘s lead in this vain and ask participants to choose what they pay beyond our base price. Any additional amount over the base price goes into our Scholarship Fund (see below for scholarship information) and helps bring ancestral skills to a wider audience and those in need. You can also donate a separate amount of your choosing if you like.

Registration TypeEARLY (Before May 15)LATE (After May 16)
Adult (age 16+)$375–$575$475–$575
Youth (age 12–15)$275–$375$375
Child (age 5-11)$225–$325$325
Age 4 & underFreeFree

*All minors MUST be accompanied by their legal guardian. Minors are not allowed at Echoes without their legal guardian.

*Single-day tickets are not available. We reach the capacity of our space with those attending for the entire week and cannot accommodate single-day passes.

*Refund Policy: We give refunds up to two weeks before the event, but not after.*

Covid Policy

All participants will need to have a negative covid test (taken within the last 24 hours) upon entry of the property. This can be as simple as a photo on your phone of your negative test. Masks are always optional for anyone who is looking for more protection than this.

Work/Trade (Opens February 15, Closes April 15)

Echoes offers a work/trade program in which a participant’s registration fee is waived in exchange for helping set up camp and/or performing other tasks throughout the week. The most obvious benefit to the work/trade program is that you get into Echoes for free. A less obvious benefit is that you get to work behind the scenes and interact in more ways with teachers and organizers; it’s a deeper connection to the event. Work/trade participants must be pre-approved by organizers prior to registration.

There are three areas of work trade at Echoes:

• Grounds Crew
The Grounds Crew arrives the Thursday before Echoes begins. Most Grounds Crew work happens Thursday through Sunday, and doesn’t generally happen during classes (although emergencies can arise). Saturday is also a full day of work. Grounds Crew work traders will need to arrive at 8 am on Thursday and stay through the following week until Saturday at 5 pm (10 days total). Please show respect for the gathering by being punctual and ready to assist when requested. We are looking for people who like being helpful, not just people who want a discount. Echoes is pretty chill as far as work/trade goes, but while it’s not super demanding during the week, it’s not all easy, either: some of it involves dirty work and physical labor. If you don’t like getting dirty or doing physical work, please do not apply. Generally, work traders who fit the criteria above are invited to come back year after year. The following are examples of the kind of work you will do as part of the Grounds Crew: set-up, trail work (pruning, sawing, mowing), setting up tents/stations, signage, bathrooms/composting toilet maintenance, gathering/preparing firewood, gray water disposal, garbage/waste clean-up and disposal, registration booth, general camp clean-up, taking down tents, packing up camp, helping people load out, garbage sweep.

• Kitchen Crew
Kitchen Crew work traders work one kitchen shift per day. This shift can last up to 4 hours (but more often last closer to 2.5–3 hours). The following are examples of the kind of work you will do as part of the Kitchen Crew: set-up, kitchen set-up, prepping meals, cooking meals, serving meals, cleaning up after meals, kitchen clean-up, kitchen breakdown, packing up the kitchen.

• Kids Camp
Kids Camp work traders work in the kids camp at least 4 shifts (morning or afternoon). These shifts take place during adult classes. Tasks involved are mostly supervising children’s activities, soliciting instructors to teach kids activities, leading children’s activities, and assisting in teaching children’s activities. All kids camp crew must go through a thorough background check process.

Scholarships (Closes April 15)

Anyone can apply for a scholarship, but our focus is for demographics that are not well represented in ancestral skills and rewilding communities, with a priority for First Nations folks. We offer two single adult scholarships and two family scholarships each year.

Teaching at Echoes

Teachers at Echoes in Time are volunteers. We are honored to host so many talented instructors, representing countless years of study, rediscovery, and rewilding. As a service to this community of generous teachers, we hold a high standard for new instructors. Though we already work with a solid volume of committed teachers, we do welcome a limited number of new instructor staff (especially when their offerings fill obvious holes in the tracks of our curriculum) and strive to keep raising the bar for the quality of instruction that we offer.

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